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Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home with These Easy Summer Home Improvement Projects

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In recent years, environmentally-friendly homes have become immensely popular. The home improvement projects that involve creating a high level of energy efficiency have become the most participated in by home owners.

In addition to helping your save money on energy use, energy efficient homes are known for creating higher levels of comfort to those that occupy the home and the resale value or property value of such structures is much higher than those homes that lack energy efficiency.

If you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint, positively contribute to the environment, and win the war on global warming, continue reading to learn what summer home improvement projects you can engage in to achieve success.

Home Improvement Project #1: Install Energy Efficient Windows

If you want a super easy project to start with, simply install windows that are considered to be energy efficient. There are large varieties available – all of which will give your home a new look.

Examples of the options that you have include double-hung windows, bay windows, high-impact windows, garden windows, and more! You can choose from many different colors, configurations, and even unique grid patterns. This is one of the easiest and least expensive starter home improvement projects for the summer.

Home Improvement Project #2: Install Vinyl Siding

If you are looking to save on your heating and cooling costs, vinyl siding is the way to go. This type of siding includes a direct underlay of high-quality insulation.

Once placed on the home, it will keep the interior regions cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months. This means that you will not have to run your heating and air conditioning unit as often as you do now.

Additionally, it will not have to endure any costly maintenance to keep up the appearance of your home. The vinyl will never crack, peel, or chip and it is created using only environmentally-friendly materials.

Home Improvement Project #3: Install Energy Barrier Insulation

If your home is not properly insulated, it will lose heat during the winter months and will gain heat during the summer months. This is exceptionally costly – in terms of energy and utility bills.

In order to avoid this complication, you should install energy barrier insulation in your home. The best insulating product is eShield™. This prevents radiation, which is the main method of heat transfer.

When installing this in your home, it can simply be added to your current insulation. This makes it easy because you do not have to worry over removing or replacing the insulation you currently have in place. This will quickly cut your energy consumption and reduce your impact on the environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

If you are ready to pay less for energy, positively contribute to the environment, and create long-lasting changes to your home that will instantly boost its value and your comfort, our home improvement company can help you!

Give us a quick call today to learn about all of the products and services that we offer to help in your summer project planning.

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